Family Trees by Kimberley Bull
Did your ancestors leave a legacy for you to inherit?  Are there family legends just waiting to be told?  You better believe it!  Through genealogical research, I can present to you a family tree that will honor the legacy and legend of your ancestors.


The note on the photo identifies her as "Mom 1920." But, if you could ask her, she would tell you that she was much more than that in her lifetime. In fact after genealogical research we know she was born Marie Clothilde Leduc in Canada in 1902. She was left to her grandparents at the age of four when her mother died giving birth to the step-sister she would never come to know. She was a mother to seven children two of which died in infancy, and at the age of 35 she became a widow.  She was also a  US immigrant and a business woman, as the owner and operator of "Claudette's Beauty Shoppe." My research enabled us to go beyond "Mom 1920" and allowed Clothilde to tell us who she truly was during her lifetime. How proud she would be to know that her legacy lives on in the family. Clothilde's tree includes four generations in the salon business, herself,  her daughter, a granddaughter, and two great granddaughters!

Each family has it's ill behaved relative that no one really wants to talk about.  Likewise, each family has the "famous" relative who's story has been passed down through generations.  Do you have a family story that you have always wondered about? Stories of war, wealth, death, marriage, trade, immigration, fame or maybe even infamy? I will research and get to the truth in the legend which could possibly become a honored family legacy.


The Mayflower arrived at Cape Cod in 1620 with 102 passengers. Only 52 survived the first winter. There were only 25 descendent surnames among those that survived.  Could you possibly be a direct descendent of one of these original Pilgrims? I can provide you with a family tree based on sound research that may prove you are in fact a living legacy of a Mayflower Pilgrim.
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